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The Top 5 Types Of LIVE Videos You Need To Be Using In Your Strategy!


5 top LIVE Videos ideas for your brand!

[00:00:00] Well, hello. My name is Danny Colella. I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert, coach and consultant. And today we're going to be talking about the five top types of videos that you need in your live video marketing strategy. These are the top five videos that I've seen over the course of my career.

Outperform every other type and style of video that you might have done in the past. So if you just keep your live video strategies, Within these five categories, you'll likely get more views and grow your brand a little quicker. So let's hop right into content today. So whether you're new to live video or you've been doing it for a while, I'm going to add just a little bit of background to live video marketing.

So let's go right into that today. What is live video [00:01:00] marketing. A lot of you have heard about live video. A lot of, you know, how it works. You may have tried it before, but how do you make this a marketing strategy that converts? Well, first let's dive into what is Facebook live marketing. Um, essentially it's the really, it's your ability to reach your fans faster on social media with less money time and.

Uh, more importantly, this is a free tool given to you by social media to help expand your reach. So this is a tool that you pay nothing for, but it helps you be seen and heard by more people in the social structure now to be successful with live video, you have to understand that there's two things we're trying to accomplish.

So right now you see attraction market. The big thing about social media and what we're trying to do when we implement a very high performing live video marketing strategy is we want to attract, we want to have the ability to attract people to our brand that have never heard of our brand before. So it's called attraction [00:02:00] marketing.

That's it gives you the ability to take someone who has never interacted with your brand, the ability for you to get current. In front of them without anything. So that's a very powerful tool. If you're building brands, social media is your number one way to get yourself in front of other people that don't know your brand.

And then, then it's called authenticity marketing. And this is a big one. We're going to go over because we're going to talk about the difference between live video and produce video. Well, live video gives you the ability to peak. That people feel like they're getting to know D get to know you and your brand a little better when it's live, because they know it's authentically you.

It's not your, your first take your last take. You didn't do 20 takes. Essentially. People want to know that they're not being sold to. They're just here with you a lot. Like you seen me do this video today, wherever you're watching this video, just know that I did a live, uh, if I'm stumbling on my words, guess what?

That's me, I'm human. And I would, I would say. It's probably a little more endearing for you to see somebody that makes [00:03:00] mistakes and just moves through the content. This isn't the perfect version of me. This is just the version of. And in order to you for you to know why your prerecorded videos don't work as well.

On social media, I always share that the Facebook algorithm changed pretty drastically in 2018. And I'm going to read this to you. The changes in Facebook's 2018 news feed algorithm focused on encouraging meaningful interactions, where comments, reactions, and shares get priority over past. Actions such as clicking the like button.

So what does Facebook saying there? Hey, clicking, the like button is easy. Anybody can do it. They do it all the time. If that's all the metrics and you're getting, and your Facebook strategy is a like button, then you're being demoted into their algorithm because they're looking for this. Comments reactions and shares what they consider to be higher quality interactions with your brand and encourages their community to do more.

One of the crucial new ranking signals is the type of content users [00:04:00] post. What, what does this have to do with Facebook? Live well, Facebook live videos, encourage the meaningful interactions. The 2018 algorithm was, is all about yes. On Facebook live, whether you're watching this live or you're watching this later down the road, it has the ability for you to drop comments and say hi and say hello and ask special questions to me while we're going live.

That you'd like a little more on and I can come back then to answer those. And according to mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook is CEO. We've seen people interact way more around live videos than regular ones. So what he's saying, as they've seen people reacting more to live videos, and that's what they want, they want their people to react.

So how else does live video outpour perform that produced video, where you pick up your camera and film yourself and then upload it. It's still good. I'm not knocking it, but if you want the best, just know that on average Facebook. Attract six times more engagement than a regular video and Facebook lives are watched 10 times [00:05:00] longer.

That means if you hopped into this video, you're probably here a little longer, just because it's live. You don't know what's going to happen. You don't know what's coming next. It's not a perfect produced version. So let's hop right into this today, the meat and potatoes of what I promised you, we would talk about the top five producing categories and don't just click away yet because I'm going to give you some examples and who these categories are.

So let's go over the first one. I call them Q and a videos, Q and a with your audience, if you are in a business, it's because you have a customer who has a problem, probably a pretty large problem that you have a lot of solutions for Q and a videos is where you take Q and a. From the audience and you answer their questions either live, or if you're just getting started, know that you can compile a list of questions and act as if they are alive on your live video.

So these are the easiest types of videos because it allows you to answer a question. Think of objections, what are the objections people have [00:06:00] with my brand? And then you can offer some support and answers around that as vice. So it's one of the simpler formats to use. Uh, it's not the easiest. I got the easiest one coming to you pretty soon.

It's not the easiest format to use, but it's very simple because you're using the information that you already have and you're putting out there in the universe and in the universe. So let's go on to the. The next one is one of my favorites, uh, interviews with influencers and thought leaders. Now I added thought leaders into that on purpose because I call this one, this is one of my favorite strategies to build my brand.

I call this social hacking. This is bringing in other people with other social files. To be a part of your broadcast. And when they do that and we talk about them, they're more likely to share that content with all of their audience, meaning that organically or free without money ad money, you were able to get your brand in front of people that didn't have a chance of learning about who you are or [00:07:00] what you offer.

So social hacking is a great way. And why is this the easiest form of content? Because you don't have to do it. You can rely on the person that you invited on to actually do most of the teaching and let their information come out and you get to sit back and kind of just add some information here and there.

So this is a very, very valuable tool that I recommend if you've never done live video before and you're new. This is a great one for you to be a cohost, bring on someone else and let them talk. And all you had to do was decide three or four questions that you wanted to ask them during that interview, super easy for you to get started.

This is where I recommend all of my coaching clients to actually get started because you can get other people and not have to worry about creating content for you. Another type of video that I like to do is tutorials and how tos, uh, in my industry, it could be new equipment. It could be new software, it could be new tools that we can use.

But I put down here under there, you got to [00:08:00] think about the. You can go high level with these videos. They're fun. They're attracting people that are like us that are attracting people in our industry, you know? Cause what is one thing most people forget about? They're always going to Facebook live to get sales and attract new clients to their brand.

Don't forget that your referring colleagues are on Facebook. They're there. Okay. So when they see you going live, the next time a referral comes across their desk, there's a great chance that they're going to think about. And they're going to refer to you. So don't forget that little aspect of it. Um, but this has, you know, I talked about the colleagues and sideline partners, and this allows you to let your knowledge site shine through.

This allows you to talk about the current events that are happening in industry. Give your spin on what's going on. Give your advice on what's going on. Very popular video. Um, another one that we've seen over and over is. But, uh, announcements and promotions of events. These are super simple. Keep them short.

These do [00:09:00] not need to be long when we're talking length of all these other live videos. We're looking at 15 to 20 minutes or more. When you do the other live videos, this one can be sure to can be a minute. It could be a minute and a half, however long it takes you to get out. But these are used to promote other in-person events.

So as you're growing your Facebook live strategy and you're growing your marketing strategy, eventually you're going to want to have a call to action training events, uh, come to an open house, whatever it is you're going to use live video to say, Hey, join us next week at our open house, we're going to be doing X, Y, Z.

There's going to be foods and food and drink and whatever you have there, we'd love to see you visit this link and make sure you RSVP before you get there. It's a great way to get some live information out there to promote those other things that you should be. And lastly, this is where you can spend. A lot of your time, and this is education and this one is for your target customer.

Okay. So this is you going about [00:10:00] your way. I'm doing this right now. Actually I'm educating you my target customer, how to really Excel in this. Okay. So this is the education style villain video. I'm trying not to get too high. Like my tutorials that I would do if I was doing it on equipment where I know.

You know, more geeky nerd, friends with my stuff would be watching this, but I just want to educate you. I want to try and take everything down to around a seventh grade level. So it's palatable and you understand what I'm talking about. So that's why we're making it easy. Um, but as long as you're solving problems, solving frequently asked questions, saying, Hey, if you struggle to go live and you don't know where to start, and you need a strategy, whether you're an entrepreneur or a business owner, or a corporate America, Danny Cola live solves, those problems takes away the tech.

So all this scary stuff and helps you Excel in the social media platform with more content for your brand. We solve problems, right? So this is a very high performance. You can spend [00:11:00] literally 40% of your time in this category because you're adding value to the ecosystems. We see a lot of these videos happening on live video right now, and they perform really well.

Um, so you might be asking yourself you're doing social posting right now. Let's talk about that. Okay. Social posting is an easy way, right? It used to be the old, the old algorithm was why don't we just post two personal posts a week in one business? And that was the strategy, right? Well, as of 2018, when I shared earlier, that strategy is now dead.

It's dead. There's nothing I can say about it. It's dead, dead, dead, dead Facebook. And does no longer cares about your social posts and how frequently you're posting. They're caring about the interaction that is happening within their platform. You know, we're continuing to see posting being just a nice collating and being demoted for business pages is that's all you're doing because 82% of people will prefer.

From a brand other than just the social posts now, social posting is [00:12:00] still working fantastic on your personal profile. If you're using your personal profile, by the way, which I recommend using your profile, personal profile as a tool to build your brand, then great, your social posts are working amazing that's for that side.

But for the business page that you're working and trying to get out there and build your website of Facebook, then just know those posts are getting demoted. If that's your only strategy, right. Stop. You're actually getting demoted and the ecosystem and the algorithm, because you're just being a lazy poster.

You're not doing anything to entice, meaningful interaction. You're just posting the post to say, wow, this looks good. Um, all right, let's go into the next one.

So this is something I wanted to talk about. Um, actually I'm just going to go there. So let's talk about what a top producing package is. Okay. So these are the, this is my top producing package for clients, and this is what I would like to see you as a new [00:13:00] person implementing as you get started, this is a great way to start.

Okay. Um, first we do a long form live video. That's right now, today, what I'm doing, what you could be watching later, if you just signed up for this, through my website, but essentially it's a long form video. Like. Then, what we get is we get two edits for all other social platforms. So you may not know this, but when you go live, you do get the raw copy of what I'm filming today.

I get this, this is mine that I can take into, into a video editor and I can edit out maybe all of my five videos as separate pieces of information that then I can leave. Uh, w YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, two pieces of content that I can put out. And then lastly, all of this industry specific jargon that I'm talking right now is valuable.

Okay. So what we do is we transcribe all the words that I say. And we put that into a blog format on a website. So not only did we get the video [00:14:00] exposure, but now we transcribed all the words that we said, and we put this into a blog to help our website grow organically through organic SEO and blog. So this is my top producing package for clients.

This is what everyone loves to see if you're getting started and want to think about how to grow your brand, how to build it further, how to go further with the things that you're doing. This is a great way to start. Okay. And then lastly, one of the more important things, if you really want to blow your strategy out of the water is Facebook ads, driving traffic to the videos that you edited, the little shorter videos.

Okay. And, you know, this person got 600 landing page views in 30 days that we, that we executed 6,200 views and 233 shares. So if you're missing ads as a strategy and you may, you may not have money for it. That's okay in the beginning, but eventually you're going to need to add that to your strategy moving forward.

Fantastic. [00:15:00] Well, I talked enough, um, So, if you are interested in working together in being a part of this and learning more about coaching, just follow these channels, wherever you see these, there's going to be more live content coming your way. If you're frustrated and you want more than I would encourage you to reach out, because there's a lot of ways that I can help you grow your business and be seen and heard more in social media.

So hope you enjoy today's content. My name is Danny Colella. I'm a Facebook. Video marketing expert, coach and consultant. And you can find more about my [email protected] Have a good day, and we'll talk to you soon.


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