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How Long Should My LIVE Video Be?


Hey, what's up, streamers? I hope you're having a fantastic day out there making the difference that I know that you can. We're going to talk about something really important today. It's one of the most… it's one of the biggest questions that I get asked, and it's, “How long should my live be? Should it be short? Should it be long? What should I say during it? Should I have a guest or not have a guest? Where do I start?” This gets people hung up all the time, they don't even know where to begin. And today, I want to break down exactly where you should be starting and where you should begin and how long it should be when you first get started. 


So, my name is Danny Colella, I'm a Facebook Live Video Marketing coach and consultant. I help people brand themselves on social media using the power of live video, and it has been a substantial part of the growth of my business and my personal brand. So, if you're somebody that's just learning, and you're getting your feet wet, well, I was there at one point as well. All these Great sets and equipment and microphone, I didn't have them. In fact, when I started, the first thing that I started to use was this bad boy right here, a cell phone. That's all you need to really start making your unique impact in the world and start engaging with the audience that you want to engage in. Because if there's one thing I know, it's that each of you want to make a difference and want to be seen and heard on social media.


So, let's first get started around the 3 things that you should really consider when it comes to how long your Facebook Live should be. The first one is, where are you on the experience scale? Are you somebody that's been doing live inconsistently for a while? Are you somebody that's never tried live, but you're like, “Man, I want to do this so bad,”? Are you somewhere in the middle? Because that does matter. What are your plans post-live? A lot of times, people forget about this. When you do a live video, you get the full raw content of that video. Are you going to share it on LinkedIn? Are you going to share it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube? Where is it going to go? Are you going to share it into a bunch of groups? That stuff is important and I'm going to tell you why in a second. And are you alone or with a guest? The number of people in front of the camera varies greatly on how long that live is going to be. For instance, if it's just you, it's likely going to be a little shorter than when you're with a guest, because when you're with a guest, you have 2 people with 2 different opinions that are really want to… want to talk and get their information out there. 


So, let's dive right into where are you at in the experience scale. If you have never done a live video a day in your life, then keep it short. Keep it short. Keep it under 3 minutes. Keep it right around the 3-minute mark. Get in and use the power of 3s. Deliver 3 pieces of content, 3 facts, 3 things that really could matter to your audience and deliver those 3 and get out. When you're in the beginning, I don't care if it's… if it's a minute or 3 minutes, just get it done. In the beginning, we're more worried about consistency, and we're more worried about you getting the power of 3s out. Now, if you've been doing it for a long time, you want to end up somewhere around the 10 to 12 minute mark, because what you don't know is that Facebook doesn't just send out a notification as soon as you hit the live button to everybody and goes, “Hey, Danny Colella is Live. Hey, so and so is live.” It takes them around 20 minutes to accurately get the broadcast that you're live, to get it actually out to everybody to say, “Hey, Danny Colella’s live.” It's going to take Facebook about 20 minutes to get it out to everybody in the notifications. That's why we typically shoot for longer form content, because we want everybody to get that notification, because live video is the only thing that Facebook will say, “Hey, Danny Colella’s live.” They don't say, “Hey, Danny Colella just posted a cool meme about cats,” they don't say that, but they will give you some shout outs if you do do live. 


Next, let's talk about what are your plans post live? This is really important because what are you going to do with this? What most people forget is that you can turn this live video into a post on LinkedIn, into a YouTube video, you can turn this into a blog. Everything I'm saying right now is relevant to my brand, so I can have this transcribed and turn into a blog on my website, and I can also have this turned in to an audio podcast. Bam, check off all those marks, you're now seen... seen in all of these extra places, and all you did was hit the Go Live, it's that simple. So, with whatever you're going to do, and the reason that's important is because I'm going to shoot for under 10 minutes today. I want to share this content raw onto LinkedIn. That way, I don't have to do any editing, I just download this and I upload it to LinkedIn. Anything longer than 10 minutes, you can’t upload the LinkedIn. Anything longer than a minute can't be uploaded to Instagram, but I can take a short 60-second clip that's impactful, and then share that into… share that into Instagram. So, think about that. If you're creating more long form podcasts and your idea is, “Hey, I want to do live video while I do a podcast,” well then, guess what? You got green light. Turn on the camera film, hit the hit their live button and execute your podcast and let the people that want to join in on video join in. But then at the end of the day, you got your great audio that you can now put into a podcast and start building your podcast series. It's really cool.


 And then the third one which I touched on is, are you alone or are you with a guest? When you're by yourself and you're the only one talking, it's only one train of thought that you need to worry about. When you have a guest sitting beside you or 2 guests sitting beside you, there's going to be different opinions and the live video is going to take a little longer to get done. So, what I say is, if you have a guest with you, you want to shoot for the 10 to 15 minute mark. At the 10 minute mark, you're going to want to start to wrap that up, start to get things done, start to figure out how you're going to finalize this live. So, whenever I film live content for people, I always give them a little wave at the 10 minute mark, so they know in the next 5 minutes that they do need to wrap up that content. And if you have a third guest, then you should expect for it to go a little longer, because that's now a third person with an opinion that they want to get out there as well.


 So, I hope that helped, I hope that helps you get the courage and the information that you need about, “How long should my live be?” My name is Danny Colella, I professionally coach people on live video, I professionally consult businesses, and I professionally interview people who want to be on live video but don't have the confidence to do it themselves. Yes, I'll sit beside you and interview you with questions that are so easy for you to answer. I call it throwing up softballs so that you can hit him out of the park. But my job here is to make live video simple and to help you impact your world that you want to input. So, again, my name is Danny Colella, I’m a Facebook Live marketing coaching consultant, and I'm so glad you joined today. If you found a friend that might find this interesting, go ahead and click that share button and send it in a message if you want somebody else to see this. And if you haven't already, let me know you stop by. So, we'll talk soon, and see you guys. Have a good day.


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