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DSLR vs. Webcam - Audio and Video Comparison


Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome to today's broadcast. Today, as you see above me, we're going to break down some camera and audio comparisons. I got 2 webcams in front of me that I'm going to show off today and I'm streaming live on a DSLR. Today, I'm going to show you how all of these work, I'm going to switch so you can see what they all look like, and more importantly what they all sound like, because we know audio is important.


So, my name is Danny Colella, I’m a Facebook Live Video Marketing coach and consultant. And today, I want to make sure you guys get to see the difference between these 2 webcams that you see in front of me, and the Lumix G7 DSLR which we're streaming on right now, which has been my camera of choice for quite some time, we're streaming today on a green screen backdrop, as you can see; bam, you're seeing some movie magic here. But it's important that I show you these different types of cameras. This group is all about making sure that you have the info and the knowledge to make decisions to see how Facebook Live can start to impact your business. Because I got to tell you people, I've been doing this for quite some time, and my main marketing tool has been video and using Facebook Live to build my brand and attract new customers. And it's been fun and easy, because if you're anything like me, you love to create content, and you get to do it to start attracting people to come to you.


So, let's hop right into the content today because I want to make sure this is valuable. So, we've got 3 different cameras going today and I'm going to show you the differences in a hot second, so hang on. Right here, we have a 4k webcam. This is the Logitech BRIO. And I'm going to show you how much it costs, I'm going to switch that's… that… that stream really quickly so you can see what it looks like. Right here, we have a 1080P Webcam, the Logitech C920. This was the wet first webcam that I bought. This is an entry level webcam that I recommend people use when they're first getting started when you leave your phone as a streaming device and start to move towards this more production style stuff that we can do here. And as I said before, over here is the 4k Lumix G7 4k camera, right out of the block… the box with the stock lens on it.


So, let's show off the BRIO real quick. So, right here is the Logitech BRIO. Now, I want to show you what this looks like, so I'm going to switch to it real quick. So, now we are streaming on the Logitech BRIO 4k. Now, you don't get that cool out shot because it is so much closer to me, but this is a 4k webcam. This is a very fantastic webcam. As you can see, it retails at about $168; it's on sale right now. I bought it for $199 regular price when I bought it. And the beauty of these webcams that are different than DSLR, with the DSLR, you have to have some enhanced audio. So, I have a microphone right here that I'm streaming from a mixer over here to get audio from that Lumix G7 into this stream. Now, what's cool about webcams is they do have some advanced audio; and I'm going to switch to that right now.


So, you should be hearing me on the Logitech BRIO 4k webcam right now. Now, it's not bad audio when you compare it to the other way. The other webcam over here, if you can hear the difference in audio, is the C920; which I'm going to show off in a second. Here is the Logitech C920. We're hearing the audio from the Logitech C920. Now, this is a good webcam, but I got to say, you probably notice a substantial difference in white balance. I'm a little more white. You can go in and try to fine tune white balance, but right out of the box, it's not going to be amazing. And if you're not very knowledgeable about webcams or how to use them, then it's going to look like this, which again is still better than the webcam that is built into your laptop or your computer. So, this is still substantially better. Most laptops in the computer are not 1080P, so this is still going to get you some 1080P quality.


But overall, I wasn't really happy with this webcam, which is why I went and changed to this webcam right here, the Logitech BRIO. So, this was my second buy. This was my first buy, it lasted me a while it did good. I was mobile, I could plug it into my computer's USB port, and I could get it done. But when I wanted to up my quality, that's when I brought this one out. Now, what's cool about the Logitech BRIO that you're… that you're listening… or that you're seeing right now, and I'm going to switch back to nicer audio right now. So, now I'm miced up, you hear that audio right there. But what's nice about this camera right here as it does have a very wide angle. Now, you're going to see a little bit behind the scenes here because I do use green screen, and you're going to see some of the stuff on the side. It ain't that pretty, but it has a pretty beautiful widescreen spread. So, if you want a wide screenshot, if you want to hit more people, it's a fantastic one to use. And the Logitech, even when I zoom out, they're both the same distance and as you can tell there, it's not as wide, I can't get as much of the room, and they're the same distance from me right now. So, for one on one, this could be okay. When you want to have multiple people, I would recommend using the Logitech BRIO, which is this 4k webcam right here. $168.73.


Now, let's talk about the DSLR, the Lumix G7 that you see right here; crisp, clear video, probably some of the best video that you're going to get, and as you upgrade lenses, it can get pretty amazing. And as you can see, this is a $597 camera that's on sale right now. And how I use it is I have a adapter. So, this doesn't work just directly USB into your computer. These 2 work directly USB right into computer, no other peripheral hardware, no confusion, you should be able to plug it and play and it works. Now, if you're using a DSLR, you are going to need a streaming device. Now, this is the Elgato Cam Link 4k. This is $130 attachment I have running down here which allows me to go USB out from the Lumix G7 into the Cam Link 4k device you see through HDMI and directly USB into my computer. And that's what allows me to get this great shot here. This is my preferred shot when I do mobile. This is my preferred shot when I'm doing… I'm in the studio at home, this is always my preferred shot. And… but it's a big price difference. And if you're not there and you're not techie and you don't want to get in to all this extra stuff, then it's probably not going to work for you.


So, it was important for me to show you these 3 different styles a camera. All of them are going to accomplish the task great, because the number 1 thing when it comes to actually streaming is just getting started, okay, just getting started. That's the hardest thing for all of you out there is to just hop over that hump and start to actually start stream… streaming. And know that, look, when I started, this is what most of my streams looked like, if not maybe worse. But a lot of people weren't watching and I was just starting to get rolling with streaming live content. Upgraded to the BRIO, which got me a little better, it got me a little nicer. And then once I got confident with equipment, platforms, and everything, that's what moved me up to the Lumix G7, which is still my preferred camera. There are other cameras that I know I want, but for right now, this is one of the better cameras that I'm using.


So, I hope you found this content helpful. If you did, let me know below. Let me know if you learn something. Let me know if there's something I left out. There's a lot of questions when it comes to this content. There's a lot of questions when it comes to equipment, to software, to audio, there's all kinds of stuff, and I'm interested in making sure that you get streaming faster, so that you can start making a deeper impact in your business or industry. Because I know you have a voice, and I know you want to be heard. So, any questions, comments, leave them below, I'd love to answer and post stream. I will put the links for most of the stuff below so that if you want to buy it off of Amazon, you can and you can get started. And as always, I would love to see you actually go live in this group. I would love to see you group members do go live, be in here, and start talking, start testing. I'll help you figure things out, but I need you to start actually rolling. And as always, you can visit me at to learn more about what I do. And if this isn't your thing, but you want to get started, I can come in and consult your business or coach you as an individual. So, hope this was helpful. Have a good rest of your day. My name is Danny Colella, I'm a Facebook Live video marketing expert and consultant and I'd love to help you out soon. Have a good day, guys.


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