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How To Use LIVE Video To Attract and Engage Customers!


Tim F.:  Hi, do you want to attract and engage customers like never before? Me too. And that is why I've got a special guest with me today, and we are going to dig into a live video. I am Tim Fitzpatrick with Rialto marketing; thanks so much for tuning in. I am with Danny Colella, from Danny Colella live. Danny, welcome; thanks for taking the time to be here.

Danny C.: Good morning everybody, I'm happy to be here and to drop some Facebook live bombs for you today. If you've been about Facebook live or fearful of getting started, I'm going to try to make it a little easier on you today.

Tim F.: Awesome. Well, thank you for being here, man. I know Danny, and I met about two months ago, and at the time, he had encouraged me to get involved with live video, and I've been doing it now for, I don't know, six, seven weeks.

And I have been amazed at the difference between our regular Facebook posts and our live videos from an engagement and a reach standpoint. It's 10x minimum. So happy to have you on here and chat about it. So tell me, how did you get into live video?

Danny C.: Yes. Live video was something that I just dabbled in probably about five years ago, like most people. You kind of get started, you've heard it works, but you don't quite understand it. And that was my journey of just getting into it, just dabbling, just playing with it, right? And that was about five years ago.

About two years ago, just by this idea of me wanting to be an entrepreneur and leave corporate America. I decided I was going to create this job out of nowhere, and I was going to start to inspire and empower people, to figure out how to use this platform to start attracting their target audience for free.

And I'm a very driven person that tries to put purpose before money, and I love helping people get what they want. And I love just like with you, Tim, when people get the confidence to start talking about what they love and showing up for their audience to add value like that's one of the most valuable things we could be doing in this market. So I just love it, it's my platform, it's all that I do. And I just love helping people, that's why.

Tim F.: Yes, that's awesome man, thank you for that. So as people get into live video, what do you see is one of the biggest roadblocks for most people?

Danny C.: You know it's the same for everyone, and I want to validate what you're going through, it's fear. At the very bottom core of what's happening with you, it's fear. It's fear of do I have good enough stuff to say, do people even care what I have to say. It's fear of equipment, it's fear of platforms.

It's fear of the unknown is what it really is. And it's the same for everybody. I'll be honest, I sometimes still feel fear before starting live. And Tim, if you're honest, probably every time, right before you hit that button, there's that rush of a little bit of fear. Then you go live, and then it kind of disappears.

But it's always the fear. And I create platforms or things that help you learn, so that the fear of the unknown, the fear of am I good enough, the fear of software and equipment and all of it working together and looking professional like this starts to disappear, and you start to find out that you can do it.

But again, it's always that fear, and the only way to beat fear is start to get the information you need to overcome it.

Tim F.: Yes. I think in my experience with you, is you really help guide people through the process. There's a lot of unknowns, and you just hold their hand and walk them through. And when you have somebody like you helping, it really does help that fear go away.

And I think the more we do it, right? The more I do live video, the more comfortable I get, right? And that fear does definitely start to disappear.

Danny C.: It's going to be a little clunky in the beginning, and that's okay, it's live video, it's forgiving. People are all right with you showing up authentically as you. If you make a mistake, they'll laugh with you.

Tim F.: Yes. Hey, we're all imperfect, so we might as well show people, right?

Danny C.: Right.

Tim F.: Oh, that's funny. What is the most common problem that you see with live video when people start to get into it?

Danny C.: You know, I think sometimes it's a lack of direction, it's a lack of strategy. It's a lack of what to do or what to talk about. There's multiple layers of creating a pretty successful live video show, the first being consistent. So I would say consistency over quality, especially when you first get started, is a key factor.

If you decide you're going to do it every week, do it every week on the same day. If you decide you're going to do it bi-weekly, do it bi-weekly on the same day, at the same time. But in the very beginning, it's just being consistent. It's just getting started and sticking to the things that you want to do.

Secondly, it does come down to a little bit of an information gap, right? What platform should I be using? Should I be using my phone? Should I be using my computer? How long should it be? All these questions and these things that they don't get answered are things where sometimes you bring a pro, and you bring a guide in.

To kind of say hey for your brand, if you want to do interviews, Tim, use this platform which is If you want to do a high-end personal show, use Ecamm live. But ultimately, it's just this idea that they just don't know where to go; they don't know where to get started. But they know they want to show up. So the number one thing I'll say from a common problem is you just have to get started, and you just have to be consistent, it's that easy.

Tim F.: Yes, I totally agree. And it's that way with anything from a marketing standpoint. If you're going to do it, you got to do it consistently and give it time to grow and build. I mean, I've heard people that have been doing podcasts for a long time, and they said, look, the first year I was doing my podcast, there was nobody there. But I did it, I consistently did it, and since I stuck with it long enough, I gave it time to be successful.

Danny C.: Yes. The algorithm does favor people that are consistent. So I'm going to play to the algorithm, which is like the god of how you're going to show up on Facebook. You got to do the things the way they want to do it. And I want to share just a little tip for anybody that might not know this.

Did you know that Facebook lives are watched eight times longer than produce video? And they're ten times more likely to be commented and interacted with just because they're live? I mean, look at those factors. If you're saying do something today that's free, people are going to watch it eight times longer, and they're ten times more likely to comment or interact with it if you go live.

Tim F.: Yes.

Danny C.: It's like a no-brainer when you hear it that way, isn't it?

Tim F.: Yes, absolutely. What about mistakes? When somebody works with you, what type of mistakes do you help them avoid? Avoid those stumbling blocks.

Danny C.: Yes, there's a whole idea of how, there's these questions that you just need answers to, right? Where do I go live? Do I go live on my business page? Do I go live on my personal profile? Do I go live in a group, or do I even need a group? How long should my live be? A lot of people make the mistake of making lives too short.

A good two, three minutes live is not a good live video, that's a good produced video. When it comes to the live algorithm, it's not a good length of time. Also, I said how long my video should be, also business page, personal profile group, how long my video should be? Live or replay, one of my biggest pet peeves; I'm going to share this with you.

Is when people start their live video, and they go all right, we're just going to wait for a few people to hop on; I'm going to just give it a couple of minutes while people come on. Because the biggest part of your views is a replay audience. You are always creating content, assuming somebody is going to watch it later, in a time that works for them.

Who cares about how many live viewers you get? I've had live videos that ended with 50 views, that over the course of seven to ten days, achieve 5,000 views. It's all of these little intricacies of knowing you're doing it right from the beginning. Knowing you're getting it done right from day one, and you're not making all these mistakes.

And you're doing Google searches and finding out, oh wow, these three-minute videos aren't effective. Or why am I just using my business page when I have a bunch of low-hanging fruit of people that will engage with me on my personal profile.

Tim F.: Yes.

Danny C.: So those are some little stumbling blocks and things that people just end up having to learn the hard way because they're being ineffective. So I get people moving in the right direction immediately.

Tim F.: What about benefits? What do you see the biggest benefits for people getting involved in live video?

Danny C.: Building trust with a potential customer. Live video creates trust immediately. If you're watching this video, and you're seeing me talking, you're deciding whether you trust me or not. If it was just a static picture of me going try like, it's a lot different. You're going to decide whether you trust me or you don't.

And if you do, that means it's going to drive you to figuring out who I am. Clicking on my resources, investigating me a little more. So the very biggest benefit is organic attraction, attracting people to your brand that had no chance of seeing it before and using the live platform.

Tim F.: Yes, that's awesome, man.

Danny C.: I think we're hitting the nine-minute thirty-second mark.

Tim F.: Yes, I got you, man. So where can people find you?

Danny C.: They can find me at I have a free starter kit for everybody out there to help you figure out how to do mobile live video and how to be a professional.

Tim F.: Awesome. Well, Danny, thanks for taking the time; just remember, guys marketing your business shouldn't be a challenge; all you need is a plan. Thanks so much for tuning in, and we'll talk to you soon.

Danny C.: Bye.

Tim F.: See you.


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