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3 Reasons to Never Use ZOOM To Go LIVE


Hey, what's up everybody? My name is Danny Colella. And today, I'm going to really break down three reasons you should never use Zoom to go live. Zoom is super outdated; Zoom has so many lacks of features.

It's the one platform you should not be using ever to go live, ever. So my name is Danny Colella; I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert, coaching consultant. I've made live video my platform.

I know everything about it, and I've tried and failed a million times to make sure that you make less mistakes and that you start streaming professionally from day one. Today, I'm going to break down some popular streaming platforms, and I'm even going to tell you how much things cost, okay.

So I'm going to break down price for you, I'm going to break down functionality, and I'm going to really show you why you should never ever use Zoom to go live again. So let's start at the very first one.

It's expensive with a whole bunch of lack of features, and let's look at some pricing for zoom. All right, so for Zoom, in order to go live, you have to have this pro feature, to begin with. So you have to be paying $14.99 a month to even have the option to go live.

Now in order to go live on Zoom, you have to add the video webinar for $40 a month. So for $40 plus $15, you're at $65 to go live, and you straight up don't get to do anything. You basically get to hit the live button; you're going to have a black box around you, with you and a guest or three guests.

You can't really play with lower thirds; you can't do features, you can't add green screens, there's a whole bunch of stuff that you can't do. So it's expensive for a total lack of features; it needs to come way down to be, this should be the cheapest option to stream out there, but it's not.

Secondly, you can't multi-stream. Now some of you out there might not know what multi-streaming is, but multi-streaming means, like right now, I'm live on my personal Facebook profile. I'm live on my Facebook business page, I'm live on YouTube, and I'm live in a little group that I run that's called Facebook live for beginners as well.

So I am multi-streaming right now. I'm taking this one effort to do content, and I'm actually multi-streaming in lots of places. And I want to show you how this works really quick. So a feature that I think is super user-friendly and easy for anybody to use is called Stream Yard, and I want to show you how cool this is.

So Stream Yard can be as little as $25 a month. So I'm going to show you right now the most popular basic package here is $25 a month, and it allows you to stream to two destinations.

So a business page and a personal profile is typically plenty for what people need. But I have the plan that allows me to go to five destinations, and I'm going to show you how this works right now.

So essentially, when I'm in Stream Yard, and I go to create a broadcast, I'm able to look at this; that's my personal profile. I already selected these when I was testing this, but I'm able to select my personal profile, my business page, and YouTube.

And then I'm able to set this live up. I can make it customized for each destination. So I can say on YouTube, hey, what's up my people on YouTube? Come check out this video. I can say in my group hey, to my awesome group people.

So I can actually customize this and stream to three places at once, and it's super easy to set this up. You just add your destinations, so you give it access to these things, and then you can go live, and I can go live because I have the $50 a month package in up to five places at once.

And if you do the $25, you can go live in two places at once. So multi-streaming is a big deal because you want to be seen and heard in more places. So that's the second, really hot reason why you should never use Zoom to go live.

Zoom does not allow you to multi-stream; you're going to go live on Facebook, you're going to go live on one page, and that's it. So you're not able to duplicate your efforts and be seen and heard in more places. The last one, which I love, like isn't this customization cool?

Now, I'm using a, wait, let me back up for a second, I want to talk about Stream Yard. For anybody that's interested in using Stream Yard and actually becoming a member to start using this if you want to ditch your Zoom stuff.

I'm going to put a link down below that'll allow you to get, I think, $10 or $25 off your first month to try it out. So that link will be coming to you as well.

And as we go into lack of customization, it's really cool to be able to have things that support what you're doing, and I'm going to show you some of the cool stuff that you can do in Stream Yard that allows you to customize your stream.

So let's hop right into this, so over here, I have a broadcast studio setup. So we're in the broadcast studio, this is me, I'm in here, you probably see me twice. But this is me in the broadcast studio, and I want to show you how this works. What's cool, and let me move around a lot of my stuff, is over here on the side, we have banners, okay.

Banners allow you to add things to your stream that can really fortify the message of what you're telling. Not only fortify the message of what you're telling, but it allows you to do things like share your screen.

It allows you to bring in pictures, and this is so easy to use because it allows you to bring in as many guests as you want. Well, you can have up to six guests that are down here in the bottom that you can bring in and out of the stream at any time.

And it even lets you use this cool green screen feature that you see behind me. So it allows you to do banners; it allows you to do colors. You get to put logos in here if you want, you get to change your color, you get to change how things show up.

So that last banner you got to see was different; now I get to show it up like this. I can choose it so that it ticks across the bottom. The customization is epic, and all my comments come on. And when a comment comes on screen, and I'm live, I can actually stream it directly to the stream.

So I can engage with that comment and say, hey, what's up? Thanks for hopping on, good to check-in. And the customization that you don't get from Zoom means you should never use it. So Stream Yard is a no-brainer; Stream Yard is an easy platform that's going to allow you to continuously multi-stream.

It's going to give you customization, it's going to make it easy just as Zoom does for people to come on, and you're not paying a lot of money for it. So if anybody's out there and you're still using Zoom, stop, don't use it; it's not giving you the most features that you can get for your money.

And again, I'm going to put the link to Stream Yard below, and you can check that out. Now, if you're a mac user, today, I am using Ecamm live, which is a cool program that I have interfaced with something called, and that means I am streaming to five different locations right now.

So you're seeing me in five different places at this exact second. And for mac users, Ecamm Live is a no-brainer starter. If you don't plan on doing a lot of interviews with people externally. You just plan on doing live video on your mac; you're going to talk, you're going to teach, you're going to entertain or educate, that Ecamm Live is a great option.

And I also have a code for you that's going to be below in the comments, where you can get Ecamm live, which is a great addition. So I hope today was helpful; I hope I convinced you to never for any reason use Zoom for your live content. It's the worst platform to be using; I would never recommend it to anybody for any reason.

So think about using Stream Yard, think about multi-cap, think about all the features you can use. Or if you're a mac user and you want to use Ecamm live, which allows me to do all this stuff where I easily showed off the screen, then you can use Ecamm live.

So I do have a private Facebook group that I'm actually live in right now called Facebook live for beginners; you'll see that in the comments as well.

There's going to be some exclusive content coming, course content where I teach people all this stuff that you can watch videos on demand at your own pace, and there's going to be a significant discount to anybody who is in that group.

So join that group, find that group by typing or Facebook live for beginners, learn here, start here, grow here, or a variation of those words. And join our group and become a part of our community.

So that was my three reasons, again my name is Danny Colella, I'm a Facebook live video marketing expert, coach, and consultant. And I hoped I saved you some trouble and also saved you some money. So have a good day everybody, bye-bye.


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