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3 Essential Strategies to Creating LIVE Content for Social Media!


Hey everybody, Danny Colella here with Danny Colella Live. I'm a Facebook Live marketing expert, coach and consultant. And today's video is for anybody who get… gets hung up with creating live video content. We've all been there. I'm the… the guy that does this all the time. And when it comes to creating content, we can get ourselves in analysis paralysis, we can get ourselves where we just overthink everything and we get nothing done. I can't tell you how many meetings I sit in where people just can't get clear about strategies when it comes to creating live content. So, if that's you, if the idea of creating live content is what's keeping you from doing live video, then today is the video that you need to check out. So, let's get right into today's content. 


So, really, when it comes to creating live content that we want to talk about, really, the very first thing that I really work with people is to decide who you're talking to. Like, let's get really clear of who we're talking to. A lot of the times, we think we want to hit all kinds of different markets, we think we want to talk to all kinds of different people, we feel like we want to just connect with a bunch of people. But when we start to get really clear about who we want to connect with, about who we want to talk to, and then we create what we call a marketing avatar, a marketing avatar means you want to figure out who that person is, “What age range are they in? What are they… what are they into? What are their hobbies? What problems do they have? What are they coming to you for?” And when we really create that marketing avatar, we start to get clear about who we're having a conversation with. 


The one thing I teach people is to really just talk to that person. When I do my live videos, I'm talking to people who are stuck, to people who can't seem to get over the hump of creating live content. They're fearful, they're afraid, they don't know where to start, and when they do get started, they get in their own head and they fall off the train. And that's why we create this kind of content. So… so, the very first step is clearly you need to be clear about who you're talking to. So, what do you do? You get down and you write it all on paper, okay? You write it all on paper, and you figure out what you need to do. Good morning, Shirley. Good morning, Polly. Yes, happy to help you out with marketing. 


So, after we create that avatar, after we're clear about what we want to do and who we want to help, because, again, we're not going to help everybody, there is no way we're going to help everybody, so we need to make sure we're being clear about who we want to help. The second thing is you need to straight up create some content. And not only do you need to create some content, you need to create a content calendar. We've all been there where we have this great idea, we're in the car, we're driving home, and something comes to us and we're like, “Oh, that would be so great to talk about.” And if we're in the right place at the right time, some of you might get really brave, and you might go live at that point and talk about it. And that that's cool, but that's very reactive marketing.


 If you know anything about marketing and digital marketing in general, we want to be clear, we want to create calendars, we want to sit down and do a content calendar. So, I'm going to show you today an easy content calendar that I do. Because there's one thing I want to remind you when it comes to content, you are not just what you do professionally, you are not, you are way more than that. You are a deeper human being that has a lot of little layers to you. And when we do live video, we don't want to always be professional. If you watch me, I'll do live videos on trainings like this. I'll do live videos with my kids in the park. I did live video when I was cooking hamburgers about the struggles and the pain that people don't tell you about when starting your business. But I'm going to show you sort of my content calendar. I'm going to show you how I break everything down into 5 buckets and then start to put ideas in those 5 buckets that I really want to talk about. So, let's go right into that.


So, here's an example of my content calendar. This is what I break everything down into 5 buckets, and then we color code when we're going to go live. So as you can see, I have colleagues. I… it's important for me to connect an interview with colleagues and let their information really shine to my audience. I don't just want to be 1 level, I want you… as you see, interview a branding expert, and get some tips and tricks. I want to interview a Facebook ads expert to give you some of the knowledge around how ads work. I want to interview a videographer for tips about great video on a budget. So, we have everything broken down into buckets, where we have colleagues, personal development, live streaming education, past client stories, and IRL streams, in real life streams. And I have ideas of what I want to do around all of this content. That way, I'm not forgetting what I was going to talk about and I'm being… being very clear about moving in a direction. So, ideally, we want to hit different bucket, maybe every other time we go live. So, it's okay to do 2 on personal development, 2 on colleagues, 2 on plus past client stories or testimonials, or maybe even a combination of them all. It's okay to do that. But this is something I use. And if you want a copy of this, just send me a message, and I'll make sure I get you a copy. And I share this content with you from my Google Calendar, right to your email. So, just send me a message at any time, I'll get it, and I can send you this. And you can just change these buckets. Everybody's bucket looks different. But when you get clear about putting all of these into 5 different buckets and going live that way, it really makes it a lot easier, okay?


Alright, so and let's talk about really the third tip and strategy, and I call it the IEE. When it comes to those 5 buckets, we also want to make sure we're accomplishing the IEE. We want to inspire, we want to educate, and we want to entertain. So, we want to inspire people to overcome obstacles, be better, improve their life. We want to educate them, we want to give them real tips and tricks, kind of like I am today about, how to get over the humps of creating stuff that's holding them back. You want to educate them of how to actually get over the problem that they have. Because anybody that's in business in general and has a product of any kind, you have a solution to somebody's problem. And you need to educate that person with baby steps on how to get over that. And then lastly, it's entertain, right? We want to entertain them. And I'm not saying we want to put on a comedy show. Entertain can be anything that's really outside of the bucket of inspire and educate. So, entertain can be going live with a friend that you haven't seen in a long time. Entertain can be going live about something you're passionate about, The Bachelor. If you're a lot of ladies out there love the bachelor, have a conversation about the bachelor, about the week's episode. Because I want to remind you, the reason live video is so successful is because the world has given us the green light to be ourselves. You are meeting Danny Colella, Danny Colella live right now. This is who I am, this is what I… I'm all about, and I'm happiest when I get to talk about this stuff that excites me. So, remember, social media has giving you the green light to be the human being that you are, and take that, be the human being. You make a mistake, you say the wrong thing, you forget your train of thought, laugh about it. You're likely going to get your audience to laugh about it with you. 


And lastly, for all of you who are still in a fear state, even after I shared all this amazing content with you, I want to talk to you about my 5% rule. My 5% rule means that you are making 95% of your decision on whether or not you should do live video on the 5% of what could go wrong. You're focused on the 5% of what could actually happen, that likely won't, and you're missing out on the 95% of the impact you can have on your industry. You see, it's my mission to help people overcome the fear, build the confidence, and be somebody who promotes their business, brand, or passion to the digital world through the power of live video. And that means that you need to get on the other side of the fear. I need you… I need you to start dispensing this information that you have up in your noggin, that wisdom, that problem solving that you actually get to do when you sit down with somebody for a consultation, I need you to be doing that on my video.


 So, there you go. It was 3 essential strategies to creating live content and what that can really start to do for your brand. Now, if you're somebody who is still struggling, who can't seem to get over the hump, who can't seem to figure out how to actually use these strategies and actually develop that content calendar, I can help. I have a package that really helps you deliver and really map out that content so that you can have up to 6 months of content of things that you know you want to talk about right off the bat. So, if you're interested in that, send me a message. I hope this was helpful. If you found it value and today's message, I encourage you spread the word, get this to somebody else. If you haven't already said hi, let me know if you liked this content, let me know if it was valuable to you. And I look forward to seeing you all in future trainings in the future. So, have a good day everybody. Bye-bye.


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